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Monday, May 01, 2006

A possible explanation to DHH's arrogance

I might know why.

I'm sick and tired of David Heinemeier Hansson's attitude. I like Ruby, I like RubyOnRails. I wish there's someone else other than DHH to lead RoR. The world doesn't need another asshole in this world, we already have George W. Bush, Dick Chenney, and friends.

Few weeks ago I had a dinner with several non-IT Danish expats who are friends of my cousin. One of the topic of our conversation was about the reason why they were planning to leave Denmark for good. They said that they love their family over there, but not the Danish culture. I asked why, then they asked me 'Do you know Jante Law?', I shook my head. They explained that it's the attitude where people are thinking 'Don't you dare thinking you're better than us.'

At first I misunderstood it, thinking that it could perhaps be something like communism where everyone should be equal. But Jante Law actually makes the Danish think that they're the best.

I'm not generalizing this to all Danish, but those expats claim that it's a common attitude among most Danish.

I wasn't aware about Jante Law before. The first thing that came to my mind when they explained it to me was, holy shit, that could possibly be the reason why DHH's attitude has been worse than a pile of crap. If some Danish couldn't even stand such attitude, no wonder DHH can't understand why his arrogance is really unnecessary for the rest of the world.

DHH should be shipped to Japan for a year or two, so he can learn some humility and wisdom from Matz.

Well, David,

No matter how good you are, I still wouldn't want to be your neighbour.


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